The Iconic FJ Cruiser

January, 2021

Retro style that throws back to the original FJ40 Landcruiser, paired with tough off-roading capabilities...There is no denying the FJ Cruiser is iconic!

FJ Cruiser exterior

When the production of the original FJ40 ended in 1984 Toyota had shifted its focus on increasing the size and luxury of the Landcruiser line. Fast forward to 2003 and the FJ Cruiser made its debut at the Detroit Auto Show in Voodoo Blue, a colour that would fast become the FJ’s Signature colour.

Sales began in 2011 for Australia and New Zealand markets, though only available in 4-wheel drive automatic.

For Australian Buyers, the big disappointment was that the FJ is only available with a petrol engine, in this case a four-litre V6, taken straight from the Prado. While the FJ Cruiser exceeded its sale expectations, the lack of a diesel option is potentially what lead to the FJ Cruiser being discontinued in Australia in 2016.

The interior was designed with focus on enhancing its off-road practicality, such as covering all the interior surfaces with washable rubber material which means easy cleans ups after muddy or wet outdoor use.

FJ Cruiser interior

The Cruiser is a rugged 4x4 with plenty of ability in the rough stuff and gives its biggest rivals – Jeep and Land Rover – a real run for their money.

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