Get Your Car Ready for Winter

June, 2021

Winter has officially landed in Perth which means cold nights, foggy mornings and wet, slippery roads. All of these elements can impact how we drive and the day to day running of our vehicles, so we have prepared a list to help you get your car ready for winter.


Batteries tend to come under extra strain in winter due to the cold weather. They are under more pressure start a cold engine, power heaters, wipers and lights.

Inspect your battery for corrosion around terminals, test the battery and have it replaced if necessary.


Our tyres are vital in keeping us safe on the road. Tyre tread depth is particularly important in winter as it is used to disperse water and help the tyre make contact with the road.

Inspect your tyres for tread depth, wear and tear, damage such as nail puncture, cuts and gouges. Under 1.5mm is unroadworthy and the tyres will need to be replaced. Don’t forgot about your spare!

Wipers & window

You would hate to be stuck in a thunderstorm with wipers that don’t keep your windscreen clear! Make sure you check that your wipers are operating correctly at all speed settings, and if they are worn, wipers are cheap to replace.

It is also a good idea to clean your windscreen and top up your window washer reservoir with washer fluid.


It is vital to have working headlights, brake lights and indicators in wet, dark and foggy weather as it is harder for other drivers to see further ahead on the road.

Check that all of your lights are in working order and that your lens are clear and intact with no cracks. Cracks can mean that water will leak through.

Aircon and demisters

There is nothing worse than driving to work in the morning in a freezing cold car! Make sure you check your heater, aircon and demisters before the winter season starts.

The aircon can also be better for demisting your windscreen as it helps removes moisture out of the air.

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